Skagen Restaurant


An old saying states: ”There’s history in the walls”. Very few in Stavanger, if any, can claim this as legitimately as the Hansen family.  The house with the address Skagen 18, which is still standing, was built by the family in the early 18th century, and is the second oldest building in Stavanger, next to Stavanger Cathedral.
Skagen 16, the sea house where Skagen Restaurant is now located, was built in 1780, mainly for storing purposes, storing supplies going out and goods coming in.

In 1976, the storehouse was remodelled to become “Sjøhuset Skagen”, the first restaurant in Stavanger outside the hotels in town.
In the early 1990s, Ståle Mørch took over the business. And at the end of 2016, the restaurant was temporarily closed down for renovation, re-opened by the Hansen family in February 2017 as “Skagen Restaurant”.
Visually, Skagen Restaurant has a cleaner, less detailed interior compared to the old restaurant, without being minimalistic. The old woodwork is still in place, making sure the overall impression remains very much the same, but with a modern vibe. In other words: tradition with a twist, just like the menu.